Sundae Finance

Sundae 🍨 Finance

A second scoop of the sweetest DeFi protocol built on the Avalanche network #AVAX🔺
Who we are: $FUDGE A next-generation seigniorage protocol coming to #AVAX. We are more than just a fork! We are a COMMUNITY built on principles and transparency.

What Inspired US?

Our inspiration for starting this protocol came from two simple words INTEGRITY and TRANSPARENCY. Starting off as investors ourselves we noticed that DeFi as a whole, is moving in the wrong direction. Many projects end up either rugging or failing because many don't realize that DeFi's success is built with a strong community. We plan to stand side by side with our investors through thick and thin. We will give the community the ability to vote on many of the protocols decisions because in this world there's nothing greater than the minds of several knowledgable investors making communal decisions. We will fulfill each and every promise to the best of our abilities and in return wish nothing but success and wealth for our investors.
We wanted to push what we did even farther. Layer 1 is doing great now, but we know we're capable of so much more. We aspire to continue to grow the IceCream Finance ecosystem. Now Having two defi protocols available and an upcoming nft collection as well as other suprises. The best is yet to come.

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