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The Ultimate AIO for Manually Compounding

Super What? Zapper Who?

Our team has developed the Super Zapper in order to provide a simpler way for users to manually compound rewards and execute different strategies with ease promoting a healthy circle of life for the protocol.
Super Zapper: Charged and Ready for Action!
This feature will uses your rewards in the boardroom, the farms and those in your wallet to function properly!

The Different Components:

At first glance it may seem confusing, however, once familiar the Super Zapper it's very simple!
The feature consists of three different components: Boardroom - Farms: Slider
This slider is used to set the allocation of rewards that will be deposited back into the farms and the boardroom.
This slider is used to set the ratio of LP tokens to zap your collected rewards into.
Approve - Zap In: Button
Initially this button will ask you to approve several transactions. After approval the button will then give you the option to Zap In. Once the sliders have been set accordingly, clicking Zap In will then start another set of transactions which will need to be approved. Each set of transactions being approved is a step of the process being completed.

Compounding is as simple as 1-2-3:

  1. 1.
    Claim-Rewards: Upon approval the Super Zapper will claim all farm and boardroom rewards for you.
  2. 2.
    Zap-Rewards: According to the ratio selected beforehand, the Super Zapper will automatically sell a specified amount of your rewards into the required token to form LP pairs for you.
  3. 3.
    Deposit-Rewards: According to the the farm-to-boardroom ratio selected before hand, the Super Zapper will then automatically redeposit back into the farms and boardroom compounding for you.
Please be aware that you will be prompted with several transactions throughout the process.

Commonly Asked Questions

In order for the feature to work you will need to have atleast a singular token of both $FUDGE and $STRAW either in your wallet or accumulated as rewards in the farms/boardroom
While it does simplify the whole process of compounding rewards and following different strategies we are faced with limitations. Unfortunately due to the current nature of how smart contracts interact with your wallet, in order to provide the service in the safest manner possible it's necessary for you to approve each transaction one-by-one!
FROYO is a yield optimization protocol developed by us to provide a service appealing to a different group of investors. While vaults are more efficient when it comes down to compounding and growing your LP, they lack in giving you exposure to the boardroom as well as the appreciating value of the share token as those rewards are automatically sold each harvest to grow your LP position. With the Super Zapper you're in control of the exact ratios as well as how much exposure you want to the boardroom!
The basic zap feature will take the token provided and sell half and automatically form your LP for you. You are responsible for collecting your rewards and redepositing your LP into the farms. Whereas the Super Zapper does everything for you and more!