Sundae Finance

Optimized Zap

Compounding With Ease

What is Zapping?

Although Zapping is nothing new for DeFi protocols and investors, it's an important feature simplifying the process of compounding your rewards into more liquidity-pair-tokens.
Simple Zap Modal
This feature will only use tokens currently available in your wallet!
How it works:
  • Select Tokens: Select the token you would like to zap with.
  • Approve Transaction: You will be prompted to approve the transaction. Upon doing so the contract will start the zapping process.
  • Deposit-Rewards: The zapped tokens are now in your wallet, you can now proceed with depositing them back into the farms.

What Makes it Optimized?

Our new Zap includes the option to set slippage. While some tokens are volatile and such, by utilizing the slippage tolerance you can set the percentage at which the transaction will not go through in the case of extreme price fluctuations!