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How to buy $FUDGE

TraderJoe ready to help!
Before we are able to make our FUDGE purchase, we first need to transfer DAI into our wallet from any CEX supporting DAI.
Lets use Binance as an example.
  • Make sure you have Avalanche (AVAX) in your Binance wallet, if not, purchase AVAX on Binance.
  • Go to your wallet, look for AVAX and click on Withdraw.
  • Copy/Paste your Metamask AVAX Wallet address.
  • Please choose the AVAX (C-Chain) and insert the amount you want to send to your AVAX Wallet.
  • Please note there is a small transaction fee (Yes this is incredibly cheap), for transferring AVAX from your Binance wallet to your AVAX Metamask wallet.
  • Now press submit and wait for your AVAX to arrive in your AVAX Metamask Wallet.
Oh and did we forget to mention that AVAX-transactions are one of the fastest on the Blockchain and are almost instant!?
Now that you succeeded in transferring AVAX into your Metamask wallet, please go to TraderJoe (or click buy $FUDGE on our website), go to Exchange and swap your AVAX for $FUDGE The order of exchange will be AVAX -> WAVAX -> DAI.e -> FUDGE.
Please view the links below for the simplest method of purchasing both tokens.
If Fudge does not show up on the Exchange, please use the address provided below to purchase Fudge. Simply copy/paste the address.
FUDGE: 0xD9FF12172803c072a36785DeFea1Aa981A6A0C18​
STRAW: 0xf8D0C6c3ddC03F43A0687847f2b34bfd6941C2A2​

To further simplify the process, we will now use BogSwap:

You can purchase either FUDGE or STRAW with BogSwap and not have to worry about slippage or routing path!
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